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Dr. Harry Singleton can be booked for preachments, banquets, panel discussions, public lectures, speeches, course lectures, and book signings by filling out the form below.  He can also be contacted by email at (the preferred choice), or by phone at 803.736.3522. In the email or voicemail, please specify:


1.  Your name and organization (if applicable)

2.  The type of engagement/occasion for which you are seeking Dr. Singleton

3.  The location, i.e., the formal name of the banquet hall, church, bookstore, auditorium, home, academic institution, etc.

4.  The address, city, and state in which the engagement will take place

5.  The anticipated size of the audience

6.   Dependable contact information (phone number and email address)


Please make sure you leave your name and contact information on the voicemail as Caller ID may not have retrieved your information. We ask that you make initial contact at least three weeks prior to the scheduled event!    

Contact Me

Dr. Harry H. Singleton

Tel: 803.736.3522


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